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Drones Are Proving Their Usefullness Every Day

Drones were used before the hurricanes of 2017 (Harvey, Irma, & Maria). But with DJI, a drone manufacturer, continually innovating and bringing the costs down; drones are becoming more accurate with GPS software and images from their camera sensors.  In 2022 after hurricane Fiona and Ian, drone operators helped insurance firms, first responders and construction organizations in Florida . Commercial drones are powerful, and their potential applications are limitless. At FLD3d, we want to find ways to make your industry more efficient with drone imagery.


Construction Services


Construction Site Inspections

Utilize frequent aerial inspections to keep tabs on your development site. Weekly, bimonthly, or monthly inspections are carried out on larger projects.

Construction Progression Reports

A time lapse depicting the development of the workplace can be created using regular aerial inspections. Show stakeholders the current state of your building site and also give them historical examples to see overall jobsite progress.

Construction Site Data Collection

Images and GPS coordinates work together to deliver amazing benefits with modern UAV systems. With the same aerial data that creates progress reports and worksite images, volumetric measurements can be made. Surprisingly accurate measurements can be made for the entire jobsite or for specific locations like fill piles (where you can measure the volume of materials). Please Note: FL Drone 3d Modeling does not provide data interpretation for property measurements. Metric systems and property lines can only be deciphered by qualified land surveyors.

Jobsite Modeling

An entire jobsite map can be made using aerial data gathered for measurements, progress reports, and inspections. You can quickly get a complete image of your entire construction site using both 2D and 3D models.

Aerial Inspections

Aerial Modeling


Rooftop Inspections


Rooftop inspections need a lot of work. In most cases, at least two people are required to climb onto the roof in order to do the inspection and measurements while keeping worker safety in mind. These inspections may be carried out faster and more safely from the ground thanks to modern UAV systems.

Solar Planning

Like other rooftop inspections, with drone services rooftop inspections for Solar Installation can be conduted safely from the ground. Aerial Data processed can be quickly turned into 3D Models of the rooftops for Solar System Planning without risking any workplace injuries or additional liabilities.

Insurance Inspections

The 2022 hurricane disasters have increased demand for drone pilots. Drones are assisting the insurance industry in a number of ways, including surveying storm damage while keeping workers safe outside of the damaged areas.

Property Inspections

Aerial imaging and GIS information combine together to offer many possibilities for property inspections. Examine structure placement, elevation models, and structure imperfections with ease. Please Note: For property measurements FL Drone 3d Modeling does not interpret the data gathered. Only licensed land surveyors can interpret measurements and property lines.

Virtual Business Model

Making distinctive models of your resort property gives visitors a fresh and engaging way to examine your accommodations. Bed & Breakfasts, motor lodges, and more are available. Give your visitors a detailed look at their accommodations.

Planned Communities

Now more than ever, new real estate developments can be displayed. Create 2D and 3D models of the new neighborhoods, buildings, and services. With 2D and 3D community models, provide inhabitants a distinctive perspective on their surroundings.

Vacant Land Modeling

Vacant land can be modeled for real estate sales, construction planning, elevation modeling, and more. Land grids can be pre-programmed before flight to show off properties under an acre, or properties that encompass hundreds of acres at a time! Please Note: For property measurements FL Drone does not interpret the data gathered. Only licensed land surveyors can interpret measurements and property lines.

3D Modeling

With today's drone technology, 3D Models of your jobsite may be simply created, whether it's a household building build or a commercial facility. Additionally, 3D modeling can be used for inspection services, giving you access to a previously unattainable level of property and structure assessment.

Real Estate & Commercials 

Drone footage has become a standard in real estate advertisements. Clients get a view of the property and the surrounding area. FLD3d's professional drone services provide stunning aerial footage. Images, video, and panoramas can showcase your residential property from a unique perspective. We show the surrounding neighborhood, view large properties from above, and provide context to nearby amenities and features. We aim to work with you to accomplish your goals.

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